Transportation Air Conditioning
ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.3

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TC 9.3 was cognizant for the following completed research project:

1306-RP Incident-Response Monitoring Technologies for Aircraft Cabin Air Quality

Research is needed to strengthen the role of a new ASHRAE Standard (ASHRAE 161) that will address incidence response monitoring in aircraft.  Standard developers need to be certain that there is equipment available to support a newly developed standard by means of measurement capabilities. The results of this research project will provide a knowledge base on equipment availability and limitation.  This research project is anticipated to result in demonstration of methods and technologies for characterization of aircraft engine/APU systems contaminants in aircraft cabins during an incident occurrence. Use of these methodologies will generate data that can be correlated with passenger and flight attendant complaints about air quality.  Such data will also enable the aircraft manufacturers, airline companies, and regulatory authorities to analyze the underlying causes of air supply contamination in the aircraft cabin environment and ultimately institute preventive design and operations measures.


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